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     Ace Pack absorbs and degrades the ethylene gas coming from fresh produces. By discarding Ethylene gas; known as ripening and/or senescence hormone, freshness of fruits and vegetables can be maintained. Extending shelf life of fresh produces is what Ace Pack does best! If you hold mixed fresh produces in cold storage or ship long distance, Ace Pack is what you need!! It also works nicely with fruit basket!!

     Simply put Ace Pack in fresh produce package during either domestic or international shipment to extend producesí shelf life by reducing decay, mold, softening, discoloration, scald, wilting, loss of crunch and other negative effects caused by ethylene gas.

     Ace Pack is developed from legal-non toxic substance. Unlike other Ethylene controlling methods, i.e. fumigation with 1-MCP or spraying with other chemicals, the organic ingredients in Ace pack does not touch the produces. It is totally safe!

     Fresh produces harvested from farms are still alive and breathing constantly. This breathing process creates harmful carbon acid gas that can render the texture, flavor and other quality attributes of fresh fruits and vegetables. White C is created to eliminate the carbon acid gas originated from breathing of fresh produces as well as from fermentation process. Without the injurious gas, freshness and shelf life of your fruits and vegetable can be extended.