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     Janjaras Chem Supplied Co., Ltd. (JCS) was established in 1985 to better serve the needs of photochemical industry. JCS was able to make a great breakthrough into the photo business in the Asian market because of its premium quality products and reliable service. The major products of JCS include paper developing and film developing chemicals.
     In 1995, in cooperation with Powdertech Co., Ltd. (Japan); the world's leading oxygen-absorber manufacturer, JCS expanded into the active food packaging market. JCS' expertise in food science and packaging technology has allowed it to continually meet its customers' needs. JCS recently made another
breakthrough as Wonderkeep became one of the best selling oxygen absorbers in the Asian markets, especially known for its effectiveness and reliability. Furthermore, we constantly develop active packaging innovations to deliver the most effective solutions for our customers. We are proud to be one of the "Active Packaging" pioneers providing full line of standard and custom gas absorbers, i.e. oxygen absorber, ethylene absorber, carbon dioxide absorber, moisture absorber, odor/gas absorber.