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     JCS specializes in a full range of packaged and bulk desiccants (including silica gel, calcium oxide, clay, molecular sieve, and activated carbon) that will eliminate moisture within product packaging and protect products from mold, mildew, swelling, rust, corrosion and other undesirables that affect product integrity. The JCS technical team is available to help you determine the right desiccant type and size to meet your product needs.
     Moisture monitoring systems are also available. The desiccant packets' low profile size allows a maximum level of desiccation in a confined area. These non-dusting packet desiccants are ideal for food, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, vitamins, medical diagnostic kits, electronics, and leather

      In addition to our expertise in controlling moisture, JCS is also an expert at controlling undesirable odors and gases within packaged products. Our odor absorbers are made from special activated carbon that continuously absorbs unwanted odors within the package. A customized blend of products and sizes are available to best serve your needs.