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 Wondersensor, the oxygen indicator

The patented Wondersensor can readily confirm the oxygen content by the change in color. In the environment with oxygen level over 0.5%, the color of the indicator will be blue. If oxygen levels are less than 0.1%, the color will gradually turn pick. The indicator allows you to confirm the performance of Wonderkeep very easily.

Points to keep in mind when using oxygen indicator

• Please store in a cool dark place at about 50 íF (10 íC)
• Once the bag has been opened, reseal unused packets and store in a cool dark place
• Each individual packet can be used directly with your product. Do not cut packet containing active ingredients
• Refrain from exposing the product to direct sunlight
• In the presence of certain alcohols, carbon dioxide gas, or high humidity, the color of the indicator will be affected
• Please conduct test with oxygen indicator and your product before utilizing it for the intended application
Oxygen monitoring have never been easier!!

CLP Type (NEW!!!): Wonderkeep with Wondersensor, what a great combination!

Special Features Water & Oil resistance, Fast & Effective
O2 Extraction Time 6 to 36 hours
Exposure Time Within 2 hours
Application Cakes, Legumes, Dried Meats with water activity of about 0.60 to 0.90

CRP in Thai print is also available!