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Wonderkeep, the Superior Oxygen Absorber

Wonderkeep is an "active packaging" technology that prolongs product shelf life and is a smart alternative to harmful chemical preservatives. It effectively preserves and guarantees the freshness and quality of your products by lowering the oxygen level within the packaging to less than 0.1%. Wonderkeep is FDA approved and manufactured in Japan under ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

Wonderkeep, the effective preservation technology
Wonderkeep, is pioneered from the world's leading iron powder production technology. Wonderkeep removes residual oxygen (from 21% to less than 0.01%) from the interior of packaged foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products. The Wonderkeep induced low oxygen level maintains product freshness, quality, and prevents aerobic spoilage, rancidity, and oxidation reactions (i.e. vitamins, food pigments and colors, flavor compounds, active ingredients in medical and dietary supplement products).

Wonderkeep Advantages
Extends product shelf-life
Eliminates the need for harmful food additives
Economical and easy to use
Safe and never mixes into the food product
Widens range of product marketing possibilities
Increases product credibility and reduces product claims
Simplifies production and stock control

Typical applications:

1. Bakery products, i.e. breads, cookies, cakes, pastries, moon cakes
2. Nuts and snacks
3. Candies and confectioneries
4. Coffee and tea
5. Processed, smoked and cured meats, i.e. beef jerky, salami
6. Cheeses and dairy products
7. Grains, flour, spices
8. Dried fruits and vegetables
9. Pasta and noodles
10. Pet food
11. Pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and vitamins
12. Medical diagnostic kits and devices